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Getting Back to Basics


Your relationship with your dog



Boot camp for your dog. I build the foundation for your dog so you can continue with at home. During the stay I try to send video updates daily so you can see the progress, that they are happy, healthy and safe. At the end of their stay I spend 1-1 ½ hrs. training you the owner on everything your pup has learned while with me, and also send you home with a list of commands and how to live with your dog when they come home.


Tired of planning your walks when no ones outside?

Have the confidence to handle your dog when life happens.

Training behavioral conditioning and obedience, one without the other is useless.


Wouldn’t it be nice to see your dog bounding back towards you after calling him or her? Not only is a dog that comes when called a great pleasure, recall is a critically important response in all dogs, and can literally save lives. Ignoring you, selective hearing, and running away, are common problems in dogs.


Dogs jump for all kinds of reasons: attention, excitement or not knowing what else to do when they see a person. Does your dog jump on you as if they've got springs on their feet? It’s a cute behavior as a puppy but allowing your dog to jump on people can be dangerous too, a child or frail adult can be knocked down and hurt.


Dogs are den animals; there is safety and security in having their own space. Correctly introduced, dogs of all ages can benefit from crates.


I hear it all the time, “ my walks are miserable”, “I’ve tried everything”

Some dogs pull only when they are focused on something. Dogs that walk on a loose leash most of the time but pull intensely when they see another dog, person, or prey item need to be taught self-control around their triggers. No amount of exercise or leash training will help the behavior around your dog’s triggers if the triggers are not present when you’re training them. It is important to identify what your dog is responding to, so you can train them to respond calmly.


You put food on the kitchen counter and turn your back to feed the baby or help your child with their homework. You turn around again and the food’s gone and your dog is standing next to the counter looking innocent enough, but he’s licking his lips. Sound familiar? It doesn’t take a detective to determine that you have a pooch who’s a counter surfer.

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Call prior to booking to make sure the training is for you
45 minutes to 1 hour
Bring your pup and some treats

E-Collar Training

Need to have been through the Evaluation first.
About 30- 45 minutes
Bring your collar


6 nights, 7 days
Call before booking, best to have the evaluation and E collar training first.


Existing Client: no minimum

New client:  4 lesson minimum